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Artificial VS Fresh Flowers For Your Wedding

Not sure whether to use real, fresh flowers or artificial silk flowers for your wedding?  Let us help you. We’ve sorted out the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can clearly weigh which one would benefit you most. While the decision will still largely depend on your personal circumstance, this pros and cons guide could help you make a wise decision.

Artificial Flowers

We understand that a big part of planning a wedding is setting the budget and sticking to it. But because it’s tricky to compromise food cost, the budget-cut would have to be directed to the decors and flowers comprise much of the wedding decoration. We all know that fresh flowers are more expensive than artificial ones and this is the major factor why many budget-conscious couples choose the latter over the former. But apparently, aside from being inexpensive, artificial flowers particularly silk ones have several advantages.
  • Artificial flowers can be as attractive as fresh, real ones but not as expensive. No doubt about this. Regardless if you get the highest quality silk flowers, they will still come cheaper compared to fresh ones.
  • High quality ones look exactly like real ones, even texture can sometimes be imitated. Thanks to technological advancements, artificial flowers today look more life-like and realistic. It is very much possible to find latex flowers with the look and “feel” of an actual live, real, fresh flower. The attention to detail is superb with tiny veins, petal shapes, pollen on stamen, stems, and leaves in perfect clone.
  • Available in various colours and types, all year round. Yes, fake flowers are always in season. So if you have a favourite flower but you’re getting married during a season where it’s not in bloom, you can go for its replica.
  • You get to keep it. Or reuse it. Many brides are making the smarter choice of using something they can keep or reuse.
  • No pollen to cause allergies. You or your guests wouldn’t be happy celebrating love with watering eyes, irritated nose, sniffles and sneezes. Avoid the unfortunate incident of experiencing pollen or scent allergy by going for latex or silk artificial flowers.
  • Easier to manipulate and transport; more hard-wearing. Obviously, faux flowers will never wilt or weep no matter how your entourage and guests “handle” the flowers.
  • Available for early delivery so you get spared from worrying whether your bouquet will arrive on time or not.

Image References: The Flower Wall Company (Purple Faux Flower Wall),  Laurel Weddings (Silk Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue Bouquet), The Merry Thought (Silk Flower Crown)
But then again, artificial blossoms do carry with them some limitations.
  • Absence of natural scent
  • May make a celebration look cheap if chosen faux flowers are ‘cheaply’ made. You need to be really picky as you may just get exactly what you pay for.
Fresh Flowers

You cannot deny the natural charm and beauty of fresh flowers. There are no words to explain the feeling of being surrounded with gorgeous fresh blooms. Real flowers are:
  • Definitely attractive, no matter the quantity, species, colour, or type. No matter which flower species you choose, fresh flowers will always look beautiful. Fresh blooms carry with them that natural grace and elegance that even the most expensive and life-like artificial flower cannot replicate.
  • Naturally aromatic and fragrant. You can spray perfume on an artificial flower to make it scented but it is impossible to duplicate the natural fragrance of a real, live flower. Its scent is distinct and has just the right balance.
  • There is nothing like being surrounded with natural fresh flowers. The look and feel of an actual fresh flower may be exactly copied but the ambiance of seeing and being surrounded by nature cannot be provided by artificial blooms. Remember, there are reasons why many decorate their homes with fresh flowers or grow plants indoors; plants - both flowers and greens - soften the overall look of a space, clean the air, and calm the spirit.

However, it is also a fact that fresh blooms are not for everyone because of several factors. On the downside, real flowers:
  • Costly
  • Will wilt and die, usually before the day is over
  • Not as durable as you or your florist would want it to be
  • May cause allergic reactions
At Lily’s Florist, we vouch for an abundance of fresh flowers. Nonetheless, we still see the benefits of using artificial blooms mixed with real, natural, fresh blossoms. We believe that the key is to find the right balance to meet your priorities. If budget is your top priority and you were never really had the fondness for flowers, by all means choose the inexpensive silk ones. If you want that hard-to-source seasonal flower species, feel free to replace it with an artificial one and mix it with budget-friendly fresh flower varieties. For a romantic Victorian-themed wedding, the use of artificial flowers may more likely appear tacky given what such theme represents.

Flower girl crowns can be made from silk flowers while your bouquet and those of the entourage have fresh flowers in them.  Hanging flower décor may be made of beautiful silk flowers while centerpieces are all made of fresh blossoms. While we do not suggest mixing artificial ones with fresh flowers in a single arrangement, say fresh roses mixed with an artificial tulip in your bouquet, we see nothing wrong in merging the beauty of the two types of décor to come up with a tasteful yet budget-friendly wedding flower décor.

You see, you don’t have to fill the entire venue with expensive imported tulips unless you have a prepared budget for it.  You can simply just go for a choice that feels “true” for you and your partner – a choice that will make both of you feel good and enjoy your celebration of love.

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