Backyard Weddings - By Haley Jenkin

Back in 2010 I was just starting to hit the styling scene. I had been throwing pretty parties for friends and family for a while, but it was around this time that I started getting requests to work on projects for people I didn't know. I had a casual BlogSpot that I had put together and the emails had started to come in and I found myself needing inspiration for projects and fast!

Around this time, I came across the blog by Amy Moss from Eat Drink Chic, Graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire! I quickly became pretty obsessed with her and would check her blog a few times a week hoping for an update. She doesn't post as often these days as she did then, but she still never disappoints.
One of my most favourite posts of Amy’s is of her own wedding. It remains to be one of my most favourite blogged weddings of all time and hers was really the first ever backyard wedding I had ever seen. I have since styled some myself and I quickly learnt that they can be the most personal of weddings.
And Amy’s wedding was no exception.
The picnic theme along with rustic touches bring together a very down to earth but still stylish event. Coupled with touches of bright flowers, the pops of bright colour bring an instant happy and cheery feel to their wedding. Hanging bottles of flowers and bottles of flowers on crates are used as vessels and are scattered throughout the wedding styling adding in a real eclectic vibe.

And when all those bright flowers still aren't enough for those of you who are die-hard-flower-fans, Amy wore a floral wedding dress! Her wedding was truly unique and one for some definite inspiration for anyone planning a wedding. Make sure you head on over and check it and the beautiful flowers out!

Written with love by Haley Jenkin - blogger & stylist to the stars.

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