Floral Detail Ceramics - By Hayley Jenkin

Ceramics have been trending again for a while now and have been becoming ever so popular with the rise of the homewares and interiors Instagram boom. They seem to be everywhere! Each week it seems I find a new designer with bespoke, beautiful, ceramic, creations.
This exact type of discovery happened just this week in fact, when I was hunting around on SF Girl ByBay’s Blog.

Enter Bloomingville, an incredible homewares designer from Denmark who has just recently landed in the United States.
Based in Denmark, Bloomingville designs, develops and sells a wide range of interior products from furniture and home decor accessories to tableware and beyond — always keeping your ever changing home in mind.
They have an amazing array of products, which I will introduce you to a few over the next few weeks, but today I will just introduce you to some of my favourite floral designed pieces. Of all of them my favourite is the botanic range.

They could almost be dismissed as being an Australian wildflower print, but of course being made by a Denmark brand would mean that would not be very likely. They are painted in the most beautiful muted colour palettes and are coupled with beautiful pastel softness.
Used to adorn a table along with beautiful soft pastel pinks and yellows, this tableware would be sure to impress your guests. For those on a budget the singular platters might be the way to go, just mix it in with your existing plate sets and use it as that little extra special touch.
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