Orange And Pink Dinner Party - by Lily's Florist

Dinner parties used to be my thing. I used to have them quite often and when I did they were a pretty big event. You know, dinner party invites, wine and fancy table cloths. Now days my friends are lucky to get a correctly spelt text message invitation! I don't know when life got too busy to have people over for dinner, but it has happened to me for sure.

And I am guessing I am not the only one.
But how motivated do you get looking at this beautiful spread of a dinner party? I mean, they had me at industrial building and white table, but looking upon the details of the styling I am well and truly sold and convinced that I need to throw a dinner party like this sometime soon!
The beautiful orange and pink fresh flower arrangement have tied the whole table together! Layers of table cloths and matching tableware has created such a fresh feel to the table setting.
To create something similar for yourself at home, follow these tips!
1. Use print table cloths for interest in a matching colour palate
2. Tie in your tableware and glasses to match
3. Lay out dishes for guests to help themselves for a more casual feel
4. Order some extra flowers so that you can use two stems to scatter petals down the centre of the table
5. Place the rest of your flowers in the centre as your feature

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