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5 Creative Hanging Wedding Centrepiece Ideas We Love

Ever thought of having suspended centerpiece for your wedding? This innovative wedding décor won’t take up so much space and won’t block views between guests so it will be easier for them to communicate across the table. Hanging centerpieces act as table centerpiece and as overall venue décor, too. Plus, these suspended decorations also look awesome on photos.

Below are five of our favourite hanging centerpiece ideas you can have for your wedding or for any other special event.

Suspended Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Why limit flower decorations to centerpieces placed on the table when you can hang blossoms and come up with a trendy hanging centerpiece? Suspended flowers aren’t just uniquely decorative; they are also practical as you can save some table space. There are many ways for you to hang flowers including putting them in a traditional suspended flower pot, using birdcages and lanterns as vase when hanging flowers, hanging floral garlands, or using vintage or wooden ladder wrapped with vines and twigs.

Image References: Top Left from Fran Parker for Georgeous , Bottom Left from Style Me Pretty, Bottom Right from Style Me Pretty

Which flowers to use? The choice is endless. Roses and Dendrobium Star Orchids would be dreamy and romantic. Dahlias, red carnations, tulips, lilies, white hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and peonies would all look lovely. A pom-pom arrangement of baby’s breath would look gorgeous and elegant while ferns, Spanish moss, olive leaf and other greens all bring some rustic charm. Paper flowers would be your more affordable yet most unique alternative.

Want something that’s truly dramatic? Hang flowers at the large chandelier hanging at the middle portion of the venue.  

Light it up

Create a glowing wedding ambiance by hanging lanterns with tea lights or votives.  Lighting is an easy and less expensive way to create a distinctive mood on any venue. Hang light bulbs, use solar lanterns, or create a chandelier made of branches, ferns and string lights.  

Image References (left, top right, top bottom): La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus, Ellysium Lighting, Elizabeth Ann Designs

Candles, lanterns or lights in general complement flowers. Pair them together to create a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Hanging Glass Jars, Bottles and Vases

Image References: French Wedding Style, MunaLuchi Bridal, Adorn Magazine

The iconic mason jar has many uses indeed. Apart from being a reliable canning jar, you can use it as a flower vase, as a candle holder, or as an accent piece. Hang it in chains or use coiled wire, craft wire, or invisible fishing lines.

Other glass containers you can hang and use as a suspended flower vase décor are small short-necked and long-necked vases, test tubes, glass orbs, wine bottles and bud vases. If you’re a perfume collector, make good use of your empty perfume bottles. Fill them with a single bloom in a bold colour and hang them together with suspended flowers or candle holders.

Ribbons and Garlands

Another option is the use of garlands. These are available in various materials including paper and fabric. Make a ribbon canopy for a touch of whimsy. Use fabric strips in various widths and lengths but in your theme colour and hang them above wedding tables.

You can also make a garland of fresh blossoms or mix fabric with fresh flowers for that elegant chic look.

Image References (left to right): Brides, Decozilla, Ruffled Blog


If there’s an object to characterize the world festive, it would be a balloon. Balloons depict nothing but merriment so they’re the perfect accessory to add joy and cheer into any venue. But of course, you’d want to keep the decoration suitable for the occasion. So to avoid making your wedding or “adult event” look like a children’s party, choose the balloon colour and material wisely. Opt for metallic ones in paler shades. You can cover balloons in tulle and tie it with a silk ribbon with an added silk or fresh flower. Combine balloons with tissue paper pompoms. Tie sparkling fabrics on the balloon string. Mix giant balloons with smaller ones for extra dimension.

Looking for something extra creative? Use large bouncy balls plus potted herbs in square tin pots to create a “hot air balloon” centerpiece just like the one picture below.

Image References (left to right): Brumley & Wells, Ruffled Blog, Rock n Roll Bride, Ann Kathrin-Koch via Rock My Wedding

Hanging centerpieces bring that multidimensional look to your reception. They look good on any table shape or size but will look best on long tables. Hanging floral designs and other decors would look really nice on venues with high ceilings and structures. Hanging these decors take a bit of time so make sure your venue allows enough preparation time to build the arrangements. AS much as you’d like to be a hands-on bride, this type of décor is something you shouldn’t DIY. Get help from your florist or event stylist and let them do the laborious but exciting work in getting your centerpieces off the table.

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